Counselor • Speaker • Author


We work together on reaching and surpassing your desired goals for our sessions. Based on insight, wisdom, clarity and compassion, we are able to bring higher levels of well-being so that you feel capable to deal with challenges and are energized to enjoy your life NOW and in the years to come!


services include:

  • Individual and group sessions in a relaxing office
  • Speaking engagements about Resilience and Well-being to school and community groups

Joanna Hill’s services include:


My work begins with this premise: we all have the capacity for well-being. As we gain insight about how our minds and moods work, our new perspective gives us freedom from our habits and enhances our ability to embrace life. We feel better than we thought was possible! Feeling good and knowing where our experience of life comes from, allows us to connect gracefully with the people in our lives, create new ideas and solutions, and utilize our skills and opportunities with confidence and excitement. As a practitioner trained in 3 Principles Psychology, I am thrilled to witness the positive changes that clients gain throughout different aspects of their lives. I provide an environment that facilitates their comfort and safety. Our time together can be lighthearted, enlightening, heartfelt, and potentially faster, than some kinds of traditional therapy.  For more information about my approach, please visit RECOMMENDATIONS & ABOUT.