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“Joanna is intuitive, open, welcoming and easy to talk to. It has been wonderful to be able to tell my story in a caring and judgment-free environment. She has helped me to heal and grow in so many ways. Her unique skills truly address the WHOLE person”- Lynn B, Concord

“Joanna has been such a great help to me and our family…We hired Joanna to help our student manage issues with anxiety, depression, stresses of college life, adjusting to living in a new city…and dealing with past drug abuse. Joanna has gone above and beyond the call of counseling. We recommend her without reservation to other young people in the St. Mary’s community.” .

– Sindy M

“As a gifted counselor, Joanna has served people throughout Lamorinda with an outstanding level of care and intelligence. She connects one-on-one with so many different people while growing the whole network of community support around people in need.” – Maura W, Moraga

“Joanna has a deep understanding of the nature of the therapeutic process leading to positive change.”

— Ami Chen Mills-Naim, Author The Spark Inside: A Special Book for Youth, and Dr. Roger Mills, Author Realizing Mental Health

About Joanna Hill

Joanna is passionate about helping people feel more ease and joy now and in the years to come. She works with adults, teens and children to increase well-being and potential for themselves, their families, and their community. Joanna feels grateful to work with clients in a beautiful office in Moraga, focusing on innate resilience in the face of daily stress, anxiety, transitions, relationship and family issues, diagnoses and other aspects of life.

Joanna studied Social Psychology at Stanford University and earned dual Masters degrees in Social Work and Public Administration from Columbia University. In 1999, she became a Certified Three Principles Psychology Practitioner (an inside-out approach) through Santa Clara County Department of Drug and Alcohol Services. Joanna has worked for nonprofit agencies in CA, NY and DC, helping individuals diagnosed with psychiatric conditions and physical health issues secure their needs and pursue their goals. She was Project Manager for the National Community Resilience Project funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, with the Center for Sustainable Change, evaluating outcomes in community resilience.